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Nestling on the hills of Nîmes in the Gard, the Labeiller estate is lucky enough to be at the crossroads between the Cévennes and the Ardèche. Only a few kilometres away from the motorway exit (1 hour 30 minutes), there is a great impression of calm and a change of scenery. It is established in the district of St Victor de Malcap, 800 metres from this typical charming little village crossed by the river Cèze. In this natural setting, devoid of any noise pollution or eyesores, the Labeiller estate welcomes you… welcome to our region.


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• Oral mucosal disorders
• Rheumatology


Chauvet cavern - the Pont-d’Arc cave

A site of 29ha in the heart of a wooded area unique in the world - near the Camping Labeiller - which offers an exciting approach to the Pont-d’Arc cave adorned since Palaeolithic times, called cave Chauvet discovered in 1994 located in Vallon-Pont -d’Arc in Ardèche which has never been opened to the public. The cave of the Pont d’Arc is a perfect reconstruction of the original which has a thousand paintings and engravings dating back more than 36,000 years. Thrill guaranteed during the visit of this place so impressive that one forgets that one is in a replica with details like moisture, odors and temperature of the original cave!

The cave has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since June 2014. In addition to the cave you can discover the prehistoric world in the Galerie de l’Aurignacien, an 800 m² cultural space dedicated to the understanding of the human beings who lived here 36,000 years ago. Animations for children and their parents are planned in summer.

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Cave of the Salamander

Close to Domaine de Labeiller, you will find a place of rare beauty! The enchanting cave of the Salamander is located in the middle of a very preserved scrubland offering a lighting that highlights the magic of this place. You can choose between guided tours with passionate speleologists, exploring behind-the-scenes with a sports circuit, abseiling or even ... a balloon journey within the cave! A visit to do absolutely family!
The cave of the Salamandre is accessible by the commune of Méjannes-le-Clap.

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Moulin dans la région After crossing scrubland, lavender fields and limestone cliffs, the refreshing water of the Cèze feeds and waters the plains of the côtes du Rhône, where vines and cherry trees grow cheerfully. On its way it meets little jewels of villages perched and clinging to the slopes of the Cévennes, still kept away from the bustle of the world and where nature gives away its wildest secrets. As you come across them by chance on your walks, you’ll meet dolmens, standing stones or fortified castles in this land saturated with history and secrets.

- Grotte de la Cocalière
- Cap canoe
- Le grand bois (parc d’aventure)
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Cascade dans les environsWe recommend you visit Goudargues, also called the Venice of the Gard or even of Montclus. The roads that lead there provide the opportunity to contemplate sumptuous panoramas and perhaps to discover a Roman chapel here or a little stone bridge there.
If you feel like it, the Roque sur Cèze and the Charterhouse of Valbonne are both worth seeing and visiting.

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Le petit train des Cévennes St Jean du Gard, known as the gateway to the Cévennes watches over the visitors who come and discover the region. The little train of the Cévennes is unique in France. A real period steam train, still functioning, takes you on board for a crossing of the gorges as far as Anduze. A journey in time where ever more imposing landscapes follow each other with the tunnels and bends. The children will love it!
A short stop at the bamboo garden of Anduze, a local peculiarity, and here we are almost transported to Asia. A whole ecosystem and plant species that are extremely rare in Europe make this break a real enchantment (unique in Europe)
The Mecca of resistance, and of history preserved in its natural state, the Cévennes still keep many secrets and treasures of grace. Steep ground and little winding paths will carry you to many a natural marvel. Chestnut is cultivated there, and the local specialities are marks of this culture. As for example the Bicarel, a typical alcohol made from chestnut and mandarin oranges.

>> The little train of the Cévennes
>> The bamboo garden of Anduze
>> St Jean du Gard
>> Anduze -


Preserved from the passage of any motorway or train line, the Ardèche is a natural area where people can settle down in complete harmony with the environment. Here nature has carved various original features for the delight of Man such as the small valley of the Pont d’Arc, this arch of 30m in height hollowed out with the passing years by the river Ardèche and classed as a ‘Grand Site de France’. The little villages of the Ardèche have an authentic charm, very attractive for country tourism in search of meaning and simplicity; the village of Ruoms is a must see for its charming old town, its wine museum as well as the deep gorge hollowed out in the rocky cliff at the entrance to the village.

Un si joli petit village Sheltering a huge network of water, the Ardèche is also a paradise for lovers of speleology. We recommend in particular that you go to Orgnac where the famous Aven is to be found as well as the museum of prehistory. The cave and the museum can be visited and will doubtless leave you with a good impression of the marvels that water and time can accomplish.

>> Ruoms
>> Discovering the Ardèche
>> Ardeche evasion
Ruoms wine museum


Nîmes is an exceptional town. As much for its appearance and its history as for its location between Provence and Languedoc, the Cévennes and the Camargue, Italy and Spain. With 2000 years of history and architecture the monuments and museums to be visited are countless, but Nîmes is above all living. It lives by its traditions, bullfighting from the influence of the Camargue, festive from the Hispanic influence and traditional from its Provençal roots. It is part of the network of Cities of Art and History and combines art and the art of living in a wonderful way. A real delight for lovers of food, connoisseurs and the curious, the cuisine of Nîmes is worth going out of your way for. A lot is also owed to the town in the area of textiles. Boutis (traditional Provençal quilting), Provençal fabrics but above all jeans. The famous denim jeans are nothing other than jeans made from the fabrics that come from the factories…of Nîmes. It’s a question of spelling!

>> Preparing your visit to Nîmes


Le Pont du Gard Discover Uzes la Cévenole in the company of one of the pleasant guides who will help you to discover the history and beauty of the native town of André Gide and Jean Racine. Walking from medieval garden to historic monument, you will discover a town of craftsmen where painting, pottery, botany and ceramics rub shoulders for the visitors’ greater happiness.

Another curiosity of a completely different kind, at Uzes can be found the sweet museum set up in the former liquorice factory Zan par Haribo. You will discover there all the mysteries of the making of these legendary and inimitable sweets. A ticket for childhood.

>> Discover Uzes
>> The sweet museum


Avignon Avignon is famous throughout the world for its famous bridge that the song has retained in our memories. It allowed the Rhône to be crossed from the twelfth century onwards. The Popes soon came to settle and Avignon was thus to remain a papal city up until the French Revolution. For a long time it was known as a place of refuge; people came there to look for comfort, money or love. A must see, the papal palace is the largest Gothic palace in the world, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, as is the St Bénézet bridge. The museums of Avignon are also very rich, like the Calvet museum, set up in a magnificent private mansion, or the Angladon museum, which contains masterpieces by Degas, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Vuillard, Picasso, or Modigliani. Strolling through the town is particularly pleasant and walking routes are laid out there. In this way you can follow the Dom walk, the dyers’ walk or the Carreterie walk which will enable you to discover the pedestrian centre and the commercial streets of the old town of the popes.

>>Discover Avignon


Jour de marché à Alès Make the most of your holidays by filling up with good produce from our region. Here is a list of the markets in the surrounding area to supply you:

TUESDAY: : St Ambroix + nocturne Vallon Pont d’arc
WEDNESDAY: Goudargues, Bagols/Ceze, Joyeuse
THURSDAY: Anduze, Vallon Pont d’arc, Besseges
FRIDAY: Barjac, Ruoms
SATURDAY: Uzes, Les vans, La grand-Combe
SUNDAY: St Jean de Maruejols

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