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Camping near the Grotte Chauvet and the Pont-d’Arc cave

Do you love caving and caves?
The campsite Domaine de Labeiller is located in the middle of remarkable sites that you can visit during your family holidays. These grottoes are filled with stories of ’prehistoric men’ to the geological movements that date back thousands of years. Our campsite is the ideal starting point to go for these walks and excursions, an ideal educational stay that will delight your children.

A 29ha site in the heart of a unique wooded area in the world - near the Labeiller Campsite - which offers an exciting approach to the Palaeolithic ornate cave of Pont-d’Arc, known as the Chauvet cave discovered in 1994 located in Vallon-Pont -Arc Ardèche that has never been open to the public. The cave of Pont d’Arc is a perfect reconstruction of the original, which has a thousand paintings and engravings dating back more than 36,000 years. Guaranteed thrill during the visit of this place so impressive that we forget that we are in a replica with details like the humidity, the smells and the temperature of the original cave!

The cave has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since June 2014. In addition to the cave you can discover the prehistoric world in the Aurignacian Gallery, an 800 m² cultural space dedicated to understanding the human beings who lived here 36,000 years ago. Activities for children and their parents are planned in summer.

Cave of the Salamander

Close to the Labeiller area, a place of rare beauty awaits you! The magical cave of Salamandre is located in the middle of a garrigue very preserved and offers to you with a lighting that highlights the magic of this place. You can choose between a guided tour with passionate speleologists, backstage exploration with a sports course, abseiling or even ... a balloon trip within the grotto! A visit to make absolutely family!
The cave of Salamandre is accessible by the municipality of Méjannes-le-Clap.

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